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Fitness Time – Part One.

So I forgot to mention in the last blog I also weighed myself the results….

There’s two horrible things here… My feet & my weight . Unfortunately there is only one thing I can change….my weight.

So today is my second bash at the gym although the top of my legs are hurting I had the urge to just get back at it.. why not yeah?

Just take it easy I thought.

So decided to start my intivel training again and begin with a easy one with my legs already hurting.

Half way in I started to get very cocky and began to push …

I gumped it went as fast as I could forgetting it was my short run and I only had less then 60 seconds to cool down… So I entered stitch city. Just in time for my final 3minute run.

I pushed myself to my fastest and heled it for the three minutes couldn’t believe it !

I was however done in ! 

Now time to go home for a weigh in …will anything have changed…prob not 😂👌


Raising Money For Charity.

I feel it’s important to spend money when you can on charitable causes. There are plenty to choose from.

I am trying to raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

I will attempt to run the equivalent of a marathon over May 2016.

If you can spare a £1 it would be appreciated. Just follow the link below.
Click Here To Sponsor.

Thank You 🙂

” It Doesn’t Matter , It’s In The Past”


At the moment I’m thinking a lot about the past and trying to help work out what caused me and others pain.
I guess I was never 100% honest . This is the first big lesson I’ve learnt . So everyone I’ve spoken too I have been. Not blunt with it or rude just well..honest. not bending the truth not giving into someone’s opinion and sharing what I really think no matter how uncomfortable it is.
The second thing I’ve learnt is I need attention and love. Suppose I’m affectionate even with my friends not just romantic relationships. If I feel it’s all one sided I need to say otherwise I will hurt and buried hurt explodes and causes hurt for those around.

I’m not taking pleasure in a lot of things however I do take pleasure in..


Taking on challenges . I started working out / running with my ex. I was often told it was a phase and put down over achievements .
I’ve got to say when the relationship ended I thought I would have stopped . It however became a great distraction and allowed myself to keep busy. Now I am nearly 4 stone lighter and will be running a half marathon in a few months ! I actually really enjoy the gym and running now.

I will leave you with a quote (below). As usual feel free to comment . Does anything I’ve said hit home to you ? Any advice ?


Training Diary Part 3 – Fitness & Work.

Threw the last 4 months or so I had been training while unemployed. That definitely made it a lot easier as I could go to the gym at any time and at times when it wasn’t crowded too.

I have now been working for about a month and my training has dropped slightly however I am very active daily .

I work now in a busy kitchen and am on my feet 6/8 hours a day and running food too.

I also now cycle to work.

Here is a map from the app I use called Map My Ride.


So I do this twice a day five times a week . I used to work close buy and do the same trip as you can see since using the app I’ve rode a lot.



I love riding now after doing lots of running I am finding it a lot easier and completing my ride In 50min or less .

Training Diary Part Two – First Race.

So a while back I signed up for a 5k race. I thought it would a good way to get a feel for what it is like to race.


So that day came today. When I woke up it was raining and thought I was going to be running in the rain however the rain stopped before the race.


So a quick picture for my dad and I was ready to go.

We walked from the registration . I talked with my dad and said all I want to do is complete the race but would be happy if I could do it in 30min or there about.

And then the race began!



The hardest part was the 2nd mile. We were running on the mud by this point and was hard to get past people and not slip over.
I was convinced that I was not going to have a good time .

Then the Marshall at a turn said “the finish is just round the corner”. So then I could see it.


As you can tell it was hard but I did it in 30 Min !!!

Bring on my next race a 10k in a few months.

Training Diary Part One


Well I’ve been getting my fitness up since January ( yes it was a resolution) and it’s going well.

I completed my first 10k run the other day and will be attempting another this week.

As you can see I did it in just over a hour so hopefully by the time I do some of the runs I have signed up to I will be completing it in under a hour.

Here is one of the runs I have signed up too .


I’ve signed up to one 5k Run , 2 10k Runs , Great North Run (Half Marathon) and a Run & Obstacle Course .
Can’t wait to do them all.

For those that have asked this what I do at the gym , routine.  5 Days a week.

I sum it up well here…


The awesome thing that goes along with all this is my weight loss . Currently lost just under 2 & a half stone.


So have you got any tips for me ? Are you training for anything ? Have you ran a race ? What was your first race like?
Let us no in the comment section & Don’t forget to hit that like button.